Matrix Attorneys charges its legal and consulting services according to the nature of a particular assignment. Some of the established methods include;

a. Retainer fees – the firm can make arrangements with clients to work on instructions from clients on a retainer basis. The firm and client agree to execute client’s instructions on an annual basis in consideration of a fixed or flat agreed fee.
b. Statutory fees – For services in matters that involve litigation, our fees are billed in observance of Advocates Remuneration Rules, which allow the rate between 3% to 10% of the amount of the subject matter and subject to complexity of the matter.
c. Time Based Fees – With an agreement with the client, the hourly billing method may be used. The client will be billed on the amount of time the consultants and advocates spent working on the client’s brief. The applicable rate ranges between $ 100 – $400 per hour depending on the nature of the assignment and expertise needed.
d. Short Assignments fees – Legal fees on transactional work such as property transfers, contracts, equities, business registration and licensing, mortgages, deeds, or other legal instruments is determined by mutual agreement with the client in advance of the commencement of the assignments.